DrupalSouth & Reblog: Team Feedback with Simplytest.me

Earlier this year, in October, i went to Drupal South 2106 on the Gold Coast in Australia. It was a great opportunity and experience. I even got to be involved in presenting a talk with some members of the Sparks team. Skip to 11:35 for my part, it's about 5 minutes long.

I wrote a blog about a part of my presentation that touches on how we use Simplytest.me at work:

Writing the code is the easy part in open source contributions. Near the end of our very first week we realised that we needed a way for everyone to be able to effortlessly get involved in testing and providing feedback. Setting up new dev boxes or testing environments for everyone is tedious work, and arguably not a feasible thing to do. This is where simplytest.me came in.